Adventures Dark and Deep

Adventures Dark and Deep™ explores the question, what if the designer of the world's most popular role-playing game had not left TSR in 1985, and had been allowed to continue developing the world’s most famous fantasy role-playing game?

Unfortunately, Gary never got the opportunity to publish his next version of the game, and 2nd Edition went in a somewhat different direction.

However, he did leave behind plans and hints as to the direction he would have taken the game. New character classes. Streamlined combat. New spells and magic items. Consolidated and re-worked monsters. And more besides. All of these publicly-published bits of information about the intended revision to 1st Edition have been taken as inspiration for Adventures Dark and Deep™.

Bear in mind that we have no special insight into Gygax’s mind on this subject other than what he himself wrote publicly, and certainly the game should not be taken as having any sort of official stamp, either from his estate or the corporations that have taken the game in new directions. All that has been done is to collect the hints he did leave, use them as inspiration, and take off in a wholly different direction than that which happened “officially”.

Adventures Dark and Deep™ is not a “retro-clone”. It does not set out to re-create a particular set of rules from decades past, as do some other games (not that there’s anything amiss in doing so!). Rather, it is a new creation, unique unto itself, and does not attempt to recreate any set of rules that has gone before.

The Adventures Dark and Deep™ rules, supplements, and adventures are almost entirely compatible with other games that set out to re-create either the original or Advanced versions of the world’s most popular role-playing game.

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  • Adventures Dark and Deep™ Players Manual. Create characters, run combats, and cast spells. Includes all-new character classes such as the mountebank and the savant. Everything you need if you’re a player of the game.
  • Adventures Dark and Deep™ Game Masters Toolkit. Additional rules to help run non-player characters, adjudicate natural and man-made hazards, set up vast treasure hoards, and reward your players with powerful magical items.
  • A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore. A supplement designed for use with any old school rules, allowing you to add new classes, spells, an alternate combat system, and much more!
  • Darker Paths 1: The Necromancer. An optional character class featuring over 75 unique spells, the Necromancer is a master of death and the undead.
  • Darker Paths 2: The Witch. An optional character class featuring approximately 50 new spells, the Witch is a malevolent figure who lives for spite and evil.
  • Darker Paths 3: The DemonolaterAn optional character class, with variant sub-classes of clerics, each dedicated to a different Demon Lord (or Lady) of the Abyss, with dozens of new spells.
  • The Treasure of Welthorp. An adventure specifically written with role-playing in mind; you must carefully get clues from the villagers as to the location of a buried treasure, without alerting them to the fact that there even is a treasure.
  • Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiary. Over 900 monsters, demons, humanoids, and other creatures to imperil your players, plus rules for creating your own, and more!
  • Castle of the Mad Archmage™. The legendary megadungeon, completely updated and presented in a three-book format, including a separate map book and show-the-players book. Thirteen levels of deadly danger. Details here.
  • Castle of the Mad Archmage™ level 3 East. The first expansion to the megadungeon, detailing the museum and the watery caves.
  • Swords of the Damned. The first-ever novel based on Adventures Dark and Deep™! Available in ebook or hard copy formats.
  • The Golden Scroll of Justice. Add kung-fu and wuxia adventures to your game, inspired by Chinese mythology, folklore, and history.